Varnicomp – Underpacking

To achieve a good transfer of coating / varnish, it is important that the correct pressure / guage is maintained. This can be achieved by using a compressible underlay. Compressible underlay plays a vital role in the coating units, because it absorbs the pressure between the relief of the coating blanket / plate and the impression cylinder and also reduces vibrations which are caused by imbalance bearing defects etc. Using the correct compressible underlay will greatly improve the final result


Product Description

Compressible underpacking for varnishing plates Varnicomp is a compressible underpacking product consisting of a polyester fabric base, a compressible layer and in the A type by a self-adhesive layer with a silicon liner. Varnicomp has an average hardness of 50/55 Shore A; installed on the varnishing tower, Varnicomp gives you substantial protection against “smashes” during your print run and consequently a better varnishing quality.


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