Phoenix Aquamarine® CARAT

For packaging and metal printing

  • Highly durable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Very good sheet release
  • Ideal for different substrates
  • Low elongation

Product Description

  • Aquamarine® CARAT has been specially developed for packaging and metal printing, but is also ideal for all other kinds of printed materials using the sheet-fed offset process. Aquamarine® CARAT is distinguished by a carcass design which reduces elongation and sinking to a minimum.
  • Aquamarine® CARAT is known for its exceptionally long service life. This is guaranteed by its very high smash resistance combined with high resistance to cutting edges.

Technical data

  • Colour AQUAMARINE blue
  • Thickness Art. 306: 1.96 mm / 0.077″ – 4-ply
  • Elongation at 500N/ 50mm ≤1.3%
  • Compressibility at 1350 kPa approx. 11 %
  • Tensile strength ≥ 4,000 N/50 mm
  • Reduction in thickness due to tensioning and setting ≤1,2 %
  • Hardness (total) approx. 76 Shore A
  • Surface rubber approx. 56 Shore A
  • Roughness RZ 5 – 7 μm
  • Roughness RA 1.0 μm


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