Metal Based Heatset Printing Blanket

Print to Perfection. With the perfect metalback blanket for fast-running heatset presses.

  • Uniform printing quality and dot gain on upper and lower side of the web
  • Hydrophilic surface rubber supports alcohol-reduced and alcohol-free applications
  • Reduces mechanical ghosting and dot varnishing

Product Description

Technical data

Printing surface Color: green

Surface : fineground

Roughness RZ (DIN 4768): 6.5 μm

Roughness RA (DIN 4768): 1.03 μm

Surface hardness (DIN 53505): 53° Shore A

Total blanket hardness: 82° Shore A

Compressibility At 1,350 KPa: 0.182 mm ± 0.017 mm

Reverse Side Stainless steel

Fabric Layers 1 precision calendered fabric ply

Adhesion (DIN 53354) > 1.5 N/mm

Nominal thickness (ISO 12636) 1.63 mm

True Rolling (Paper feed characteristics) neutral



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